Welcome to my Teaching the Arts wiki.
This is a space where I will provide resources for teaching the four strands of Arts Education, including Visual Art, Drama, Dance, and Music. This space will involve resources for Kindergarten to Grade Five, which is the area I am focused on for teaching in the future.

The resources this wiki provides will include:
  • links to curriculum
  • lesson plans for kindergarten to grade five
    • NOTE: Many of the lesson plans apply to more than one grade level. They are therefore repeated at each applicable grade level so there are repeats here (all same lesson names however). Lesson plans may also apply to more than one strand of the curriculum and will be posted at both locations, again with the same lesson name (e.g. Visual Arts and Music)
  • lesson ideas (not lesson plans, just ideas)
  • literature, including:
    • children's books (picture and other)
    • reference books for educators
    • online resources for educators
    • videos
  • field trip ideas
  • ideas for guests to invite into the classroom
  • tech tools to integrate into the curriculum (tools will be repeated under each strand that they apply to)